Mr Eazi – Open and Close ft Diplo

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Mr Eazi - Open and Close ft Diplo

Mr Eazi Open and Close Mp3 Download

“Open and Close” is a collaboration between Nigerian singer-songwriter Mr Eazi and American DJ Diplo. The song was released in 2018 and has since become a fan favorite due to its unique fusion of African and Western music styles.

The song opens with a catchy beat that blends African drums with electronic dance music. Mr Eazi’s smooth vocals come in, singing about a woman who has caught his attention and is tempting him to come closer. He sings in Pidgin English, a Nigerian creole language that adds to the song’s African flavor.

Diplo’s influence on the song is clear in the chorus, which features a pulsating electronic beat that contrasts with the more traditional African instrumentation of the verses. The chorus is infectious, with Mr Eazi singing “open and close like a closet” repeatedly, creating a memorable hook that’s hard to resist.

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