Mr Eazi – Can’t Lose ft Gilli

Mr Eazi - Can't Lose ft Gilli

Mr Eazi - Can't Lose ft Gilli

Mr Eazi Can’t Lose Mp3 Download

“Can’t Lose” is a catchy and upbeat song by Nigerian singer, Mr Eazi featuring Danish rapper, Gilli. Released in 2020, the track is a fusion of African and European music styles, with lyrics in English, Danish, and Pidgin English.

The song opens with a bouncy Afrobeat instrumental that sets the tone for the rest of the track. Mr Eazi kicks off the first verse with his signature laid-back flow, singing about his success and the envy it has brought him. He also acknowledges the role of his fans and supporters in his rise to fame, saying “If not for you, who I for be, I no fit do am on my own.”

Gilli comes in with the second verse, rapping in his native Danish language. Despite the language barrier, his flow and delivery blend seamlessly with the beat, adding a unique flavor to the song. He also shares his own experiences with fame and success, rapping about the pressure to keep up with the high expectations of fans.

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