Download Corizo Latest Songs, Albums, and Videos

Download Corizo Latest Songs, Albums, and Videos

You can now download El Corizo’s latest songs in 2022, the best of El Corizo songs list, El Corizo songs 2022 audio, El Corizo’s latest album, and all his music videos below.

Download All El Corizo Latest Songs, Albums, and Videos

If you have been searching to download all El Corizo songs, El Corizo music videos 2022, El Corizo albums, or any of his music videos, then you are on the right page. Feel free to scroll down the page and download any of his songs to add to your playlist.

El Corizo, a rapidly developing Nigerian hip-hop singer, rapper, and composer located in Lagos, Nigeria, was born on January 13. He gained notoriety after releasing the popular song Run Am For Us, which reached the top of various African music charts.

We have uploaded all his latest singles and albums for your listening pleasure. Listen and download El Corizo songs Mp3 free. Play El Corizo new songs, video, and download his latest music, videos and album below.

  1. Corizo – Story Of Padi Ft. Dee Will
  2. Corizo – Oh Lord 
  3. Corizo – Down 
  4. Corizo – Legend
  5. Corizo – Gun Clap Ft. Rap Chaq
  6. Corizo – No Free Promo Ft. Sabi boy & Rita rich
  7. Corizo – Haza
  8. Corizo – Hell (Interlude)
  9. Corizo – Call Me The Devil
  10. Corizo – Inside Life
  11. Dee Wayne – End Sarz Ft. Corizo & Dee Will
  12. Corizo – Petra
  13. Corizo – Dead Roses ft. Dee Wayne
  14. Corizo – Ready or Not
  15. Corizo – Ameno
  16. Corizo – Fake A Smile
  17. Corizo – Freedom ft Dr Barz
  18. Corizo – Follow You ft Petsy
  19. Corizo – Ghetto
  20. Corizo – Take Off
  21. Corizo – This Kind Love
  22. Corizo – Ella ft King Favour
  23. Corizo – Great Fool
  24. Corizo – Mr Superstar
  25. Corizo – Hate
  26. Corizo – Slaughter
  27. Corizo – Therapy
  28. Corizo – Priscilla ft Jennifer Henry
  29. Corizo – Run Am for Us
  30. Corizo – Instrumental ft Khamar
  31. Corizo – Collect
  32. Corizo – Receipt

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